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  1. yuko-kost Feb 18, 2016

    thankie for fav!(>.<)
    Apocalypse now by yuko-kost
    Apocalypse now by yuko-kost

  2. myri-chan Feb 14, 2016

    Quote by redhatgirl

    Quote by myri-chan GYABO! xD
    Finally another work ! you did a good job ! thanks for sharing Hifsa :)

    Thank you myri-chan... Sorry its been a while^^

    You're welcome Red :3 yes indeed, hope you are doin well :)

  3. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 05, 2016

    Quote by redhatgirl Kya kr rhe ho? :P

    Just letting you know that my cat is EVERYWHERE! xD

  4. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 05, 2016

    Spoiler (show)

  5. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 05, 2016

    Quote by redhatgirl
    What trap? xD


  6. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 05, 2016

    It's a K-pop TRAP! >:3

  7. myri-chan Dec 31, 2015

    I Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2016, Hifsa! :3

  8. Blue-Crescent Dec 26, 2015

  9. myri-chan Oct 31, 2015

  10. myri-chan Jul 21, 2015

    Quote by redhatgirlYeah, they say here, Eid is just for children. xD

    I suppose Takumi is fine, he's really selfish thou. I like other trapnest members thou, especially Reira. :3

    i really don't like that guy >.< but i admit that he's handsome....i love olivia lufkin's songs (aka Reira) ^.^

  11. myri-chan Jul 20, 2015

    Quote by redhatgirlDo you guys get gifts or money on Eid? We usually get money here, we call it Eidi. xD

    Shin is very spoiled as well. xp

    Oh yes! receiving money and also wearing new clothes,especially the children ^.^ but i don't know if there's a special term for that :0

    maybe but he's an expert haha ;)

    The character that i dislike the most is Takumi >.<

  12. myri-chan Jul 19, 2015

    Quote by redhatgirlSo, how has your Eid been? Mine has been pretty sleepy till now, I've been watching and watching Nana, no time for sleep. xD
    I just finished the anime... I'll read the manga maybe...

    Yeah, I like Nana as well, I don't like Nana komatsu much thou, she's a mess, tbh. xD
    Yes, I like Yasu! Shin is fine, I like the relationship between him and Reira... I think Nobu is the biggest coward that ever lived, lol.

    Well... ordinary and boring as usual xD... yes it's better to watch animes in those moments *Lol*
    Hachi is cute but very thoughtless indeed ^__^'
    haha i understand ;) Shin is very easy going and accommodating ^.^
    and yes Nobu is a lil bit faint-hearted and naive but he's very nice and adorable ^__^

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